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St. Anna's church in Łódź, Poland, was suffering from damp walls and moss that was also causing damage to the external brickwork. The Parish Council wanted the church walls cleaned and protected against future damp and growth.

The church was constructed in 1905 in the neo-Roman style, using bricks and lime mortar supplied by the local brickworks. There was no render or other protective coating to the façade. Over time the walls had darkened considerably and were readily absorbing moisture and rainwater. Surface damp was evident throughout the year, particularly on the north and east facing walls and in other shaded areas. The dampness and accumulated dirt had also helped encourage a lot of moss growth that was gradually destroying the brickwork surface.

Specialist waterproofing contractor LekMUR was called in to carry out the works, and chose Stormdry masonry protection cream to protect the brick walls. The ease of application, long-term protection and technical advice from Stormdry supplier Icopal were the deciding factors.

Remedial works commenced by cleaning the outer walls of the church, revealing the original brickwork colour. A fungicide treatment was used to help prevent regrowth of moss on the lower parts of the walls, which were areas that saw less direct sunlight. One coat of Stormdry was then applied by brush and roller. The roller allows for swift application to flat and even areas, whereas the brush was used for the stepped brick pillars and alternating raised course detailing of some of the walls. 100 litres of Stormdry was used to treat all the walls of the church.

As Stormdry goes on as a white cream, it is particularly easy to identify areas which have just been treated. The contractor LekMUR noted that the consistency of the cream and the visibility of treated areas helped them carry out the work. The visible cream is a temporary effect as after 24 hours Stormdry turns clear and penetrates the wall, which then returns to its original red brick appearance.

Stormdry offered a water-repellent treatment that combined simplicity with guaranteed efficiency and a reasonble price. The water-repellency effect was seen just days after initial treatment, and will take full effect within the month. By keeping moisture and rainwater out of the brickwork Stormdry helps to prevent moss from growing and dirt from accumulating. The Parish Council was very pleased with the renovation works, and Stormdry will protect St. Anna's church from damp penetration and weathering for many years to come.

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Expert opinion

"Easy application, a long-term warranty and the manufacturer's recommendations were the factors which decided choosing Stormdry. It is worth noting that the consistency of the product helps carry out the work. You can also easily identify which parts of the wall have been protected because after application the surface has a slightly whitish colour. Of course this colour effect disappears after about 24 hours, revealing the original red brick wall."

Andrzej Otto, LekMUR