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Waterproofing stonework

Originally built as a Post Office in 1890, a historic shop in Blackpool town centre was recently due to undergo refurbishment. The client specifically wanted to protect the exposed brickwork and stonework, so specialist waterproofing contractors Remedial Treatment Consultants were brought in. RTC specialise in waterproofing and treating brick, concrete and stone walls for dampness.

Having assessed the building construction and masonry, RTC decided a product was needed that would offer long life expectancy, a good penetration depth and a high degree of breathability. To meet this criteria Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream was chosen. This cream is designed to waterproof brick and stone, and will prevent problems such as damp coming through brick walls and stone walls. Stormdry will also last for 20 - 30 years.

RTC's first step in the project was to gain safe access to the upper areas of the building by erecting scaffolding. As the building was in a town centre, additional protection to the upstands and full netting was required.

A mortar mix with added Stormdry Repointing Additive No.1 was used to repair defective pointing. This was where water had penetrated the wall, causing the pointing to break away. When applied this waterproof mortar mixture aids in waterproofing brick and stone walls, as it gives buildings extra protection - helping to prevent wet walls. After the repointing work was complete Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream was applied by brush. A few hours later the cream had penetrated deeply into the brickwork and stonework, providing a further defence against damp and stopping a damp wall from being a problem in the future.

The building was visited two days after the waterproofing treatment and there was no longer an obvious difference in appearance from before the treatment.

As well as the long term benefit of waterproofing walls, the Stormdry treatment will reduce heat loss through the walls of the building. This is a particularly good additional benefit as buildings of this age are hard to insulate through conventional means.

  • Location
    Blackpool ,
    Lancashire ,
    United Kingdom
  • Contractor RTC