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Stormdry spray treatment - Telscombe

Telscombe Manor is a Grade II listed house, owned by the National Trust. Located in the small picturesque village of Telscombe, in the Lewes district of East Sussex, the manor of Telscombe was granted in the late 11th century, by King Edgar. Parts of the building itself are thought to date back as far as the 16th century.

A cylindrical ‘Norman’ style tower was constructed in the mid-1950s, as an addition to the house. The tower was constructed using an abundant mortar mix that incorporates flint, ironstone and sandstone rubble, in keeping with the aesthetic of the older parts of the building. The wall also includes re-used masonry from previous historic sections of the structure.

The Problem

The tower wall was being affected by severe penetrating damp, causing unwanted spoilage to the décor inside. The cement based mortar of the wall has survived well throughout the years but the softer rubble within the mortar, such as the sandstone, has eroded badly over time. This damage had led to very significant damp patches on the interior plaster, throughout the structure, and water ingress at the bottom of the stairwell.

The Solution

Cavitytech Ltd were brought in to survey the problem and to carry out the most appropriate solution. Due to the severity of the water penetration, Cavitytech decided to repoint the worst eroded sections then use a combination of cavity drainage membrane on the interior and the application of Stormdry on the exterior of the tower. These actions would sufficiently weather proof the structure. Planning permission was granted by the South Downs National Park Authority and supported by the National Trust.

Because of the large size of the tower and the irregular surface of the mortar/rubble mix, it was decided that it would be best to apply Stormdry using a Wagener Pro-Spray 3.21 airless sprayer. Using a sprayer to apply Stormdry allows for a quick and even coat on uneven and difficult surfaces. The windows of the building were masked off, to allow for any excess spray, and the detailing of the window frames was completed later with a paint brush. Because Stormdry only requires one coat to be effective, the bulk of the application was completed within a day. The cream is white when first applied so it was possible to track where had already been treated, before the Stormdry cured to an invisible, residue-free and breathable finish. This will provide protection from penetrating damp for 20-30 years and, in conjunction with the interior membrane, will increase the thermal efficiency of the wall.

  • Location
    Telscombe ,
    East Sussex ,
    United Kingdom
  • Contractor Cavitytech Ltd

Expert opinion

“We found Stormdry quite easy and logical to apply. We carried out a test panel first for approval and found this disappeared completely in a couple of days. The initial pale colour means that you know where you have been, and avoid over treatment.  The low pressure spray system also worked well on the coarse textured masonry. We absolutely would use Stormdry again and we will be recommending the product more and more.”

Phil Assheton of Cavitytech Ltd