When using Stormdry it is important to make sure that the surface you’re working with is adequately prepared. Stormdry can bridge some small cracks, up to an average depth of 10mm. It is important to remember, however, that a small crack can be a sign of structural movement that could lead to more significant problems in the future.

Safeguard Europe, the manufacturers of Stormdry, also supply the Brickfix range of remedial wall repair products. The Brickfix Crack Stitching System ensures that any existing cracks in a building are well repaired. The helical bars and CE1 Grout reinforce the wall you are treating to prevent cracks from reappearing and the filler mortar restores the surface. Complete visual restoration can be achieved with the Brickfix Colour Stain range. A full instruction video can be seen below:


Once all cracks have been repaired and reinforced, it is then possible to repoint and apply Stormdry to the wall. This gives you a secure and long lasting waterproof surface. Contact Safeguard Europe on 01403 210 204 with any technical enquiries or questions you may have. You can order both Stormdry and the Brickfix range of products from www.safeguardstore.co.uk or by calling direct.