Stormdry masonry protection cream has been qualified for 5% VAT by the Ministry of Justice. This applies when Stormdry is used for energy saving purposes on wall insulation applications.

Stormdry's classification as an energy saving material means the 5% VAT rate applies for both installation and product costs. The rate is for all residential properties and buildings used solely for a charitable purpose.

The reduced rate is uniquely for Stormdry, as masonry creams in general do not meet the criteria requirements. The special clearance is due to Stormdry's particular formulation and ability to save up to 29% of heat energy for a typical building. Several years of research and development have created Stormdry's unique formula, and its energy saving capabilities have been independently verified by Giraffe Innovation.

For further information on the reduced VAT rate contact HMRC or your accountant. More information on the energy saving properties of Stormdry can be found here.